Land Quest specializes in the purchase, renovation and sale of single and multifamily properties throughout Kenosha and Racine, WI. We are dedicated to helping people purchase properties that are completely renovated for below market prices. Our dedicated and professional staff can help you purchase your first home, remodel your existing home, lease a home, or simply learn more about investing in real estate.


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Investing in a new market can be a challenge. It takes time to build the right team. You need to find the right broker, contractor, and property management. At Land Quest, we have all of these in-house. This vertical integration of Property Management, Construction, and Realty provides us a distinct advantage in a competitive market. We help investors navigate every phase of the real estate life cycle:

  • Locating a property

  • Underwriting and Offer

  • Due Diligence

  • Finance

  • Closing

  • Renovation

  • Managing

  • Repositioning

  • Refi/Sale

We have an experienced staff dedicated to searching for underperforming properties that can be repositioned to higher asset classes. When we evaluate a new property, we have unique perspective on it from years of purchasing, renovating, and managing similar properties in the area. Having already forged relationships with many of the local players in the real estate industry, we know how to approach the conversations to move forward and get offers accepted.


When assessing potential upgrades in a renovation, our contractors focus on the highest value-add parts of the property to get the best "bang for the buck" for the investor.


Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or to schedule a tour of our existing projects in the Kenosha and Racine area. If you would like to learn more about multifamily investing, we can help with that as well. We are passionate about real estate and we want to help you.